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  • Who is Ian Lantz?

    Los Angeles native Ian Lantz is a self-taught artist. Ian's Interest in art began at age 5, doodling on anything and everything he could get his hands on. Not a passing childhood phase, Ian took art classes and continued drawing throughout elementary school. It was not until high school that friends discovered Ian's art sketch book and convinced him to reprint his art on canvas. 

    Influenced by Basquiat, Haring and Picasso, the artist now known as "Ian Lantz" believes his imagination can be expressed through his brush strokes, painting a deeper and more vivid abstract world. 

    Upon moving to the Pullman neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago, Ian has taken his artwork to the streets, using it as a form of community. His unexpected back alley art installations are designed as social experiences, meant to bring residents together, spark dialogue, and create something beautiful out of nothing. 

    Bringing his art to the Historic Pullman District has enhanced and increased exposure for many other artists who were already living in Pullman.