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  • A New Coffee Shop in Pullman Is Something To Celebrate

    PULLMAN — Every autumn when folks trek to my neighborhood for the annual house tour to peek inside the brick row houses of railroad mogul George Pullman’s factory town, I know what some of them are probably thinking. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a joint that served up a great cup of coffee, maybe a cranberry scone or doughnut with sprinkles? I’ve thought the same thing for a decade, and some of my neighbors have waited for a cozy coffee shop even longer. Finally, there’s good coffee news. A new coffeehouse is set to open in time to make this year’s Historic Pullman House Tour fully caffeinated.


    Method Soap Employees and Pullman Muralist Turn Old Wood Into Art

    PULLMAN — Method Soap workers armed with spray paint turned used plywood into the canvas for colorful murals this week with the help of local artist Ian Lantz.The soap maker's annual meeting that brought employees from San Francisco to the new Pullman plant included a collaborative art project that aims to spruce up some unsightly chain-link fence in the historic neighborhood.Lantz, added his hieroglyphics-inspired folk-art style atop doodles by Method workers. The finished paintings are set to be hung at Argus Brewery, the Cooperation Operation community garden and an alley backing up to railroad tracks on Langley Avenue.


    Bedazzle Your Garage: Artist Turns South Side Alleys Into Galleries

    The latest trend in Pullman alley galleries is to add the hieroglyphics-inspired folk art mural by local artist Ian Lantz to your garage door."It's refreshing. We all walk through alleys, and from a beautification standpoint it adds a lot of value to areas that for the most part are wasted space," said Michael Manika, whose garage is one of four adorned with a Lantz mural."It shows there's a lot of life in Pullman and creates another avenue to exploit what we have going on in the neighborhood ... in a unique fashion that's different from what you would find in places like Lincoln Park or the Gold Coast."Lantz, a Los Angeles transplant, found his way to Pullman by not taking the advice of new co-workers in Chicago.



    Los Angeles native Ian Lantz is a self taught artist. Ian’s interest in art began at age 5, doodling on anything & everything he could get his hands on. Not a passing childhood phase, Ian took art classes and continued drawing throughout both elementary as well as high school. It was not until recently that friends discovered Ian’s art sketch book and convinced him to reprint his artwork, The artist now known as “Ian Lantz ” believes his imagination can be expressed through his brush strokes, painting a deeper and more vivid abstract world.



    Street art can be defined in so many ways. I like personally like big, colorful, meaningful murals…. murals that just speak to you. They really give neighborhoods a different positive energy. I love that street art can be shared with the masses and be seen anywhere in the city. It can transform any wall into a something that can provoke emotion or thought, or provide a mini escape.


    Spectrum Miami Art Fashion Show

    This year, local fashion fiends can kick off Miami Art Week with the pop of a champagne and the sparkle of a runway. At Art Loves Fashion, the opening event for Spectrum Miami, waifish models will strut down the catwalk in garments made by international designers while artist Ian Lantz displays interactive artwork and Caribbean pop superstar Tebby provides the soundtrack.